Liberal religion in the Chattahoochee Valley

Unitarian Universalists (“UUs” for short) value reason, tolerance, freedom, justice, equity and compassion. And we’re committed to UU’s Seven Principles. Our members come from many faith traditions. Spiritual diversity enriches our fellowship, and visitors are always welcome at Sunday services and at all other events.

Sunday, April 2: Mike Dentzau on sustainability in 2017

Next Sunday (April 2) Dr. Mike Dentzau, director of Oxbow Meadows will present “What Does Sustainability Mean in 2017?” Oxbow Meadows is an environmental education center of Columbus State University, in partnership with Columbus Water Works. Dr. Dentzau’s talk promises to be relevant to the Seventh Principle of Unitarian Universalism: respect for the interdependent web of all existence. Learn more about Sunday’s service and the week’s activities in Weekly Announcements.

Sign the UUA Declaration of Conscience
Unitarian Universalist Association President Peter Morales and Unitarian Universalist Service Committee President Thomas Andrews invite us all to sign a Declaration of Conscience “committing to put Unitarian Universalist values into action to resist hate, fear and bigotry.” Find out more at https://www.uua.org.