Basis for membership

Joining our Fellowship is simple, we have no specific theology, no dogmatic litmus test, but in taking this step, you are making a commitment to join your talents, resources and energy with ours, in a spiritual quest that is practical, personal and social.

First Steps

When you visit our fellowship’s services, we encourage you to sign the guest book so that you can be sent further materials by email about our fellowship, what we celebrate, how we are involved in the community and upcoming events.

When you’ve attended services for several Sundays, and are interested in becoming a member of the fellowship, we encourage you to notify the Office Administrator about your interest. The Office Administrator will notify the Membership Committee, a member of the board will call or email you, and an informal meeting with the minister will be scheduled.

After you’ve met with the minister and decided to join, a date will be selected to formally welcome you to the fellowship.

Benefits of Membership

  • Free subscription to UU World magazine
  • Use of facilities for special ceremonies (e.g. weddings, funerals, child dedication)
  • Reduced rates on renting facilities for special occasions
  • Serving as a church officer, member of the Board or as a Trustee