Poet Ray Rankin: “The Topology of Language, the Architecture of Mind”

Ray Rankin, author of the poetry collection The Rain After It’s Gone,  explores how language shapes our experience. Services start at 11 a.m., in person, at Grace Fellowship Hall. We are 100 percent vaccinated for COVID-19. Guests are welcome. However, if you have not received a vaccination, please wear a mask and maintain social distancing.

Ray Rankin

Poems in The Rain After It’s Gone explore “the frets that keep us up and the joys that greet us as we wake.” Learn more this Sunday.

Ray is a retired English teacher who lives in Columbus, Ga., with his wife, Patricia, and the cat, Dylan (who allows their continued presence contingent on prompt feedings and pettings per an inscrutable schedule).  Ray enjoys discussions with friends, walking and trekking those terrains still haunted by other-than-human animals. He’s already a member of Peloton UUFC, a group of men (mostly) who bicycle while solving the world’s problems.

While our members and friends have been vaccinated for COVID-19, children’s religious education and child care remain suspended.

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