UUFC President’s Letter, April 3


We are all struggling to not do what we are meant to do: intermingle and be human.  But, being human, we have large brains and opposable thumbs and are making use of all the electronic gadgets humans have created to stave off much of the effects of social distancing. At first, it seemed like the storm was here, but instead we find out it was merely the early stage. Now that the main thunderstorm is moving closer, we have to double down on hand washing, hand sanitizer, and the donning of face masks and gloves.  We will get through this. While watching the endless news and personal stories, the most encouraging words were “facts not fear.” As UU’s, we are somewhat like cats, not to be herded, so we embrace the use of reason to process the facts and then decide our fear level. We eschew fear mongering.  There is nothing wrong with having fear because it triggers caution. However,  too much fear is paralyzing, and too little can harm those around us.  Our fear should be controlled by our reason.   Let’s stay as calm as we can, stay in touch, and stay vigilant while using those protocols the experts have been urging us to follow every day.   

Things continue happening in our UU community. Ron Ussery is working on alternate methods for making donations for those who don’t use checks.  Congregants can now donate to the Fellowship using PayPal, provided they have set up a PayPal account, which costs nothing to establish or maintain.  Donations would be directed to uufcga@gmail.com    PayPal charges 2.9% and a $.30 fee.  For example, on a $5 donation, there is a total $.45 charge, meaning $4.55 is actually donated. 

The Mediacom project to improve our internet continues. A site team has been checking out where the cables are to go, and how they will enter the building.  Again, hats off to Ron for taking care of that.

The cul-de-sac now has asphalt and awaits finishing touches.   Thank you John Kaminsky for getting this project off the ground and working with the city engineers.

The asphalt has is down on the new cul-de-sac. Finishing touches coming soon.

Bill Harlan, commander of the video conferencing technology Zoom, sponsored the Wednesday Discussion Group again, but with more features than last Wednesday.  We had at least 17 people engaged on the topic of finding joy during the epidemic. It was a joy to talk and laugh together.  Bill showed us several new features on Zoom and how a green screen can transform the background.  He and Ellen appeared to be in the midst of our UU Meditation Path.   Bill plans to host this again next Wednesday and as with this time, will post a link.  Watch for it if you want to join in the fun and learning.  Additionally he will host a Zoom Friday lunch get together….you have to provide your own lunch and viewing device.  Again, a link will be provided.

Last Sunday, 29 March,  Rick Spradlin gave an extremely well received service entitled “Although We Are Apart.”  This video is posted on our very own UUFC YouTube channel   This coming Sunday, 5 April, Amanda Reese will present “Black Heritage Tourism in the Twenty-first Century:  Worth and Dignity in Public Spaces.”  Bill Harlan will be the Service Leader.  This service also will be posted to our UUFC YouTube channel.

Please, be safe during this time of uncertainty.  Be kind to one another.  Be understanding and caring to those who are anxious or confused.  It is during a time like this that the best in us shines.  Peace and health.

Hal Midgette
UUFC President