UUFC President’s Letter, March 20

During the time of COVID-19, UUFC President Hal Midgette is writing a weekly letter to the Fellowship about how we’re coping with these special circumstances.

I hope this letter finds you all weathering this viral storm, the incredible pollen onslaught and the social distancing/isolation with the best positive outlook you can summon. It is not going to be easy, but we all should realize that we have each other to reach out to, and that we are part of the same tribe of Unitarian Universalists. Both Michelle and I miss our UU gatherings…the laughter and the constant discourse on the news or new thoughts. This connectedness can still go on by calling one another, or texting or using facebook. Particularly during this trying time which may drag on, we should reach out to one another, and if nothing else, just say “How are you doing?”  

This last Sunday we had our Fellowship Board meeting, and I have some exciting news.  We have authorized Jason and Danielle Neale to have no more than 10 members of their Cub Scout Pack 100 meet at the Meeting House to continue school for those members of the pack whose parents have to work, and the children have no available home care….something which has been very stressful for many families now that school has been suspended.  Not only are these Cub Scouts doing school work, but the Neales have been teaching them a variety of scouting skills.  They have improved the meditation trail and discovered the variety of fish living in Heiferhorn Creek. Even while our UU is suspended, we are providing a valuable service and receiving something in return. Thank you, Jason and Danielle.  

We will likely not have a Sunday service for several weeks.  Meanwhile, for some inspiration, check out Church of the Larger Fellowship at clf.uua.org    

In the wise words of Maya Angelou, “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” I invite you to share any words of wisdom or inspiration that may help us through this “social distancing” period.

Peace and joy,

Hal Midgette
President, UUFC