Our Fellowship is run almost entirely by volunteers, many of whom serve on committees. For more information (or to volunteer!), send an email to uufcga@gmail.com  with the name of the committee and contact person in the subject line.

Congregational Care
The mission of the Congregational Care Committee is to recognize the needs of our Members and Friends whose lives have been touched by painful circumstances; bereavement, various losses and illnesses. The committee also acknowledges and responds to the joyous occasions experienced by Fellowship Members and Friends such as marriages, births, and other significant events. The committee strives to respond with love and compassion. 

Building Maintenance
This committee makes recommendations to the Board for repairs to the interior and exterior of the building or grounds. They maintain lighting and signage and oversee the work of contractors.

Design Team
The mission of the Design Team is to ensure that the visual appearance of our interior and exterior spaces convey a positive, aesthetically pleasing, harmonious environment consistent with our UU values. 

The purpose of the Fundraising committee is to raise funds for needed projects requested by the Board and/or the Design Team. There will be two major fundraisers each year. One in the Fall and one in the Spring.

Management of social media platforms, our website, and other forms of communication with the community.

Membership Committee
   Greeters welcome Visitors on Sunday mornings.
Every visitor receives a welcoming email and handwritten note.    
   An orientation can be scheduled for a prospective member. They will meet with the President or other UU leader for
   the purpose of answering questions, listening to concerns, and to discuss the meaning of membership. A date for
   joining will be selected and the individual will be presented to the congregation as a new member.

Contact: Hal Midgette, Ron Ussery 

Service Leaders:

Social Action 
This committee selects the recipient for our third Sunday Give Away the Plate donation. They survey Members and Friends to determine general preferences for charities. They educate the membership about other worthwhile causes.