Our Fellowship is run almost entirely by volunteers, many of whom serve on committees. For more information (or to volunteer!), send an email to uucolga@bellsouth.net with the name of the committee and contact person in the subject line.

Congregational Care
Contact: Joyce Hickson
Members: Joanie Andras, Rick Spradlin, Susan Stephenson, Brenda Stevens and Millie Lewis. Birthday Cards: Millie Lewis

Building Maintenance
Contact: Ron Ussery or Hal Midgette

Design Team
Contact: Elaine Chambless
Members: Michelle Midgette, Sidney Wilson, Connie Ussery, Brenda Stevens, Joyce Hickson

Contact: Ursula King

Outreach and Media
Contact: Bill Harlan

Membership (three subcommittees)

General Membership
Contact: UUFC President Hal Midgette, Office Administrator Brenda Stevens
Contact: Brenda Stevens
Members and greeters: Judy Barnett, Erika Bloodworth, Orm Burnham, Robert Burnham, Bill Edwards, Jeff Gordon, Karyann Hull, Jorge Lopez, Chris Nix, Larry Summerour
Visitor Follow-Up
Contact: Brenda Stevens

Contact: Chris Nix
Members: Sidney Wilson, Robbie Henson, Michelle Midgette, Danielle and        Jason Neal, Connie Ussery, Pat Hart, Dianne Wages

Contact: John Hart, Bill Harlan, Rick Spradlin

Service Leaders:
Contact: Bill Harlan
Members and volunteer service leaders: Lay Leader Rick Spradlin, Ron Ussery, Connie Ussery, Ellen Harlan, Bill Harlan, John Land

Social Action 
Contact: Susan Stephenson
Members: Elaine Chambless, Michelle Midgette, Joyce Hickson