Zoom, YouTube instructions

Four useful links:

  • UUFC YouTube Channel. (Missed the service? No problem. We’ll post them here later on Sunday. You can watch almost all of our pandemic services here, and other videos, anytime you want. You also click on the little YouTube icon at the top right of our homepage.)
  • Wednesday Night Discussion Group. (Starts at 7 pm. Guests welcome. Bring your own opinions.)
  • Friday Lunch Group. (Starts at 12:30 p.m. Guests welcome. Eating encouraged.)

Zoom details:

On Oct. 18, we began offering Sunday services live, via Zoom videoconference. The services start at 11 a.m. but join early to say hello and get help with technical issues. (See below for more information on the Sunday service link.) The advantage of Zoom is, we can all participate in Joys and Concerns. Just remember, we do record these services and post them on our YouTube Channel. If you don’t want to be on YouTube you can hit the “Stop Video” button on Zoom. After each service we STOP RECORDING and we hold an informal Zoom session for questions and comments about the program and for general socializing.

If you can’t join us live, we post recordings of Sunday services on our YouTube channel. (Again, we don’t record the Zoom sessions after each service, but we do record Joys and Concerns.)

Zoom is easy and fun. And, sometimes, maddening. It’s the Internet. But help is available. Elise Leonard is happy to coach you. Email are at the Fellowship at uufcga@gmail. com. Put “Zoom question for Elise” in the subject line. She’ll get back to you.

Every week, members and friends will have receive an email with a link to the Sunday service on Zoom and to the Wednesday and Friday live Zoom meetings. Keep the email or the links for reference.

OK, you’ve lost the link, despite what we JUST SAID. No problem. Check this web page. (The Sunday Service link to Zoom is good through Feb. 21, 2021. Look for a new one next month.)

Our Zoom Services look like this on Zoom.

Joining Zoom

When it’s time to join the Zoom event, click the link. If you haven’t already downloaded the Zoom app, you will be prompted to do that. You might also ask to set up a free Zoom account. You don’t have to do that, but it’s free, so…

The next step is to click on the “allow” button to run the Zoom app on your computer (best), tablet or smartphone.

The first message you see will advise you to wait for the “host” to “admit” you to the Zoom service. This might take a few minutes. Don’t worry. Just wait. Our virtual ushers will be working hard to admit everyone quickly. (That’s why it will help if you join the service a little before 11 a.m.) If you’re still stuck, members and friends can call Elise. If you need the number, email the Fellowship.

When you’re admitted to the Zoom event, click “Join with video” and “Join with computer audio” unless you’ve decided to join another way. Once you’re in the service, your video should be on.

To recap—if you don’t want to have your video on during the service on Zoom, or later on the recording on YouTube, you can click the “Stop Video” button at the bottom of the Zoom page.

You’ll also notice that when the service starts we mute everyone’s microphone. We do that to avoid audio chaos. That’s where Zoom’s “Chat” button (again, at the bottom of your Zoom screen.) You can type hello to “Everyone” or to individuals. Keep the Chat on and you’ll see all the “Everyone” messages and the private message directed to you.

Finally, we highly recommend that you sign up for a free Zoom account at Zoom.us. Then you can just “launch” the Zoom app at the prompt. And please do cruise around the Zoom website. They’ve got excellent short tutorials.

Other resources:

More information about
the Sunday Service link:

To join the Zoom Sunday Service click this link:

Usually this is all you need. However, if you sign in directly from your personal Zoom account by “Join Meeting” you might need the Meeting ID and Passcode, so…

Meeting ID: 938 8091 2167
Passcode: 905015

If you know how to use “One tap mobile” here are two numbers that work:
+13017158592,,93880912167#,,,,,,0#,,905015#US (Washington D.C)
+13126266799,,93880912167#,,,,,,0#,,905015#US (Chicago)

Or you can dial in by phone:
        +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)  
When prompted, enter these:
Meeting ID: 938 8091 2167
Passcode: 905015