Join our live online service Sunday, Oct. 18

Beginning Sunday, Oct. 18, we’ll be offering Sunday services live, via Zoom videoconference at 11 a.m. The big advantage will be, we can all participate by Zoom’s digital “Chat” feature.

Look for this service on our YouTube channel. We’ll be posting a link here later today (Sunday, Oct. 18).

Zoom is easy and fun! Of course, it’s the Internet, so “easy and fun” are relative. Especially the first time we use a technology. But we can prepare. Here’s the drill.

Members and friends will have receive an email with a link to the Sunday service on Zoom. The first step is, don’t lose this link.

OK, you’ve lost the link, despite what we JUST SAID. No problem. One hour before the service you can return to this webpage. We’ll post the link here at 10 a.m. on Sunday. (If you don’t see the link, clear your browser’s “cache” to get the latest version of this web page. If you don’t know how to do that, hang on to that email with the link.)

A Zoom video screen. The large picture is the presentation. The smaller images are participants.

Step two is, click the Zoom link. If you haven’t already downloaded the Zoom app, you will be prompted to do that.

The next step is to click on the “allow” button to run the Zoom app on your computer (best), tablet or smartphone.

The first message you see will advise you to wait for the “host” to “admit” you to the Zoom service. That might take a few minutes. Don’t worry. Just wait. Our virtual ushers will be working hard to admit everyone quickly. (That’s why it will help if you join the service a little before 11 a.m.)

Once you’re in the service, your video should be on. If it’s not, you can click the “Start Video” button which is probably at the bottom of your Zoom page. The photo above is a screen shot of a test Zoom video. The main picture is from a video of a previous service. Elise Leonard, Bill Harlan and David Rush appear as thumbnail photos on the side. If you don’t want to have your video on during the service on Zoom, or later on the recording on YouTube, you can click the “Stop Video” button at the bottom of the Zoom page.

You’ll also notice that, for this service, your microphone is muted, and you can’t unmute it. We did that on purpose to avoid audio chaos. That’s where Zoom’s “Chat” button (again, at the bottom of your Zoom screen.) You can type hello to “Everyone” or to individuals. Keep the Chat on and you’ll see all the “Everyone” messages and the private message directed to you. You’ll also be able to use “Chat” to send Joys and Concerns you didn’t email or to send questions or comments after Rick’s talk.

One more word about privacy. We’ll record this Zoom service and post post it on our YouTube channel. If you have privacy concerns, click “Stop Video.” Keep you privacy in mind during Joys and Concerns, too, and the questions-and-comments section. Rick Spradlin will read your names unless instructed to keep them anonymous.

Finally, we highly recommend that you sign up for a free Zoom account at before Sunday. Then you can just “launch” the Zoom app at the prompt. And please do cruise around the Zoom website. They’ve got excellent short tutorials.

Other resources:

  • And if you still have questions, contact us at, with “Zoom Question” in the subject line.