In-person Sunday services postponed until Sept. 6

The UUFC Board of Trustees met Wednesday, July 1, and voted to postpone our return to services at Grace Fellowship Hall until Sunday, Sept. 6.

UUFC President Hal Midgette said, “I believe in free will, but this is not the time to say, ‘Open up.'” Lay Leader Rick Spradlin, who was set to lead the in-person service on July 12, cited evidence the COVID-19 pandemic was not abating in Muscogee County. “It’s actually getting worse, not better,” he said.
Board members expressed support for the decision but also regret about the delay—worrying that some members and friends may be losing touch with the Fellowship.

Trustee Susan Stephenson said the board needed to be more diligent about regularly contacting every member and friend, and the board voted on a plan for more regular contact. Be prepared for a call! And also think about calling, texting, Zooming, Skype-ing or Facetime-ing UU friends you haven’t heard from. Let’s increase our efforts to stay connected while we stay safe.

The Fellowship will continue to offer videotaped Sunday services through the summer and beyond. You can watch all our videotaped services on our UUFC YouTube Channel (pictured here on the archive page.) The Fellowship also continues to hold the Wednesday Night Discussion Group and the Friday Lunch Group, which meet via Zoom videoconferencing.

As always, the Board wants to know what you think. Questions and suggestions are welcome at