Welcome to the UUFC Library. We maintain an in-church lending library for books and videos which can be lent to members and friends. Materials that support the Seven Principles have been selected and organized into categories, which are listed on the left side of this page. Each category is arranged by Dewey number, author, title and subject.

UUFC Library Spotlights

This month we’d like to spotlight a book that John Kamisky just donated.  It’s “The Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient African Teachings in the Ways of Relationships” by Sobonfu Some.

This book is about forming community through tribal traditions and rituals.  As I read through it, one section that addressed the tribal marriage ritual seemed to speak to the subjects of focus for this month:
“By voicing their commitment to marriage, a couple voices a commitment to spirit, a commitment to the self, to the other person, and to the community at large.  The community, by being there and taking their [own] vows, is doing the same, so it’s mutual.A wedding is an opportunity–an obligation almost–for everyone to reaffirm relationships with one another, with the ancestors, with all the things around. So the wedding is not just a matter between two people but an event with a purpose for everyone in the village [to reaffirm their own vows of commitment].”

Alice Walker’s comment about Some is, “This is a teacher who can help us put together so many things that our modern Western world would have broken.”