New website launched

Welcome to the new The design comes courtesy of the Unitarian Universalist Association, which has researched what website features works best for all sorts of UU congregations. Thank you, UUA. What we like best about the new site is the improved performance on phones and tablets.

Most of the information from the old website has been transferred, but the new site is still a work in progress. We’ll be filling in some blanks and completing transfers of data, such as archived Monthly Newsletters, in the coming days. Thanks for your patience.

Regular users will notice some structural differences. For example, “Weekly Announcements” has been discontinued in favor of a better way to organize the information. The best way to get a feel for the changes is to explore the site for yourself. Of special note is the new Calendar (under the “News” tab), which will replace our Google calendar. (The new Calendar is also searchable from the website.)

Let us know what you think. Email us questions, comments and suggestions.