Two UUFC pandemic stories

Got pandemic problems. Please do reach out to your UUFC family if you need help. In fact, that’s already happening. Here are a couple of stories.

Elise Leonard had been without air conditioning for most of the summer, and when…


Creek and Pavilion improvements

UUFC member Lisa Pyburn, who is no stranger to construction and restoration, has taken it upon herself to do a major rehab of our property along Heiferhorn Creek and around the Pavilion. That included hiring a crew to help her…


In-person Sunday services postponed until Sept. 6

The UUFC Board of Trustees met Wednesday, July 1, and voted to postpone our return to services at Grace Fellowship Hall until Sunday, Sept. 6.

UUFC President Hal Midgette said, “I believe in free will, but this is not the…


This week’s service on YouTube

This is the third Sunday in the month, the day we Give Away the Plate. G.A.T.P. recipient this month is the Equal Justice

UUFC President’s Letter: New Opening Date July 12

UUFC President’s Letter # 9: Reopening, Pavilion upgrades and more

Greetings again.  I sincerely hope that you are all well, physically, mentally and emotionally during this time of discord, disease and stress. We are in a vortex of political turmoil,…


Most in-person events on Zoom or on hiatus

Most regular in-person UUFC events are on pandemic hiatus until further notice. The Wednesday Night Discussion Group and the Friday Lunch Group have continued to meet via Zoom videoconference. If you want to know how to join, send an email…


Chattahoochee Chalice in a new format

By Bill HarlanEditor

We’ve launched new format for our monthly newsletter, the Chattahoochee Chalice.

It’s a bit of an experiment on my part. I hope the new format will be faster and easier to produce. It will also help us provide…


UUFC President’s Letter: April 16

Fifth Week:  During the time of COVID-19, UUFC President Hal Midgette is writing a weekly letter to the Fellowship about how we’re coping with these special circumstances.

Greetings in these changing times:

It’s hard to believe we are not in…


Dinner theater March 22-23

Enjoy a great dinner and help solve the mystery.  Dr. Merritt has developed a cure (or curse?) for the common cold, but enemies and jealousies wind their ways through scene after scene as side effects appear. It’s a classic “who done…


Pavilion open for small groups

Lisa Pyburn, at no small expenditure of her energy and resources, has been rehabbing the Pavilion and the banks of the Heiferhorn creek. It’s a beautiful space, and we’re already using it.

The UU Women’s Book Club has met here,…


The UUFC Novel Writers

The new UUFC Novel Writing Group will gather via Zoom videoconference for an organizational meeting Tuesday, Aug. 11, at 5 pm. 

The group leader is Fellowship friend Justin DiFeliciantonio. His deputy is Fellowship member Bill Harlan. We’re open to everyone,…


Fast Internet reaches UUFC!

At long last, a robust connection to the Fellowship. To make it happen, the Mediacom crew had to use a remote controlled tunneling device to run fiberoptic cable from Heiferhorn Way under our parking lot to Grace Fellowship Hall.



Wednesday and Friday live Zoom video meetings made easy

The Wednesday Night Discussion Group and the Friday Lunch Group continue to meet each week, via Zoom videoconference.

The Wednesday Night Discussion Group is a lively Zoom experience.

If you haven’t tried Zoom, now might be the time. It’s easier…