Our Fellowship responds to COVID-19

Sunday services at Grace Fellowship Hall are cancelled, but Lay Leader Rick Spradlin will speak to us this weekend via YouTube. Rick’s Sunday talk will be posted on Saturday, and we’ll mail a link to members and friends. Hal Midgette, president of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Columbus, also offers this message:

Hello Fellow UU’s,

Our YouTube set for Rick Spradlin’s talk this weekend.

I hope this second letter finds you healthy, safe, not bored, and taking this time of isolation to learn and grow. We are all challenged by the need to get food, toiletries, and other items for basic functioning, especially when we have to operate at a social distance. All of this runs so counter to how we humans have evolved as social animals. Individually, we would never have survived on the savanna of Africa. It took that special social glue to make us a tribe. We are now asked to distance ourselves, and that really is difficult because it runs counter to millions of years of evolution. Luckily we have alternate ways to compensate phones, computers, and television. All of this doesn’t fully compensate for the richness of community, but that will return.  We just need patience. Have hope and continue to reach and take this rare opportunity to stretch your minds. As Michelangelo said in his later years: “I am still learning.”

Treasurer Ron Ussery is still hard a work. (And please remember, though we can’t pass the plate on Sundays we still have to pay bills.)

The Fellowship’s office is still operating, with Brenda Stevens, the UUFC secretary and wonder person holding it all together. She is either working from home or coming in to UU as needed. Treasurer Ron Ussery continues his duties paying the various bills and processing pledges/donations. Please remember nothing can be mailed directly to our Fellowship on Heiferhorn Way, so ALL mail goes to P.O. Box 698, Fortson, GA 31808.

With the COVID-19 cloud over our heads, things still continue to progress at the Fellowship. Ron has coordinated with Mediacom, and now we can expect Mediacom phone service and 100 MBps internet within 20 to 90 days.  This is huge improvement, and it will cost us less.

The city has started construction on the Heiferhorn Way cut-de-sac, which will help save our parking lot from damage caused by truck and school bus traffic.

The city’s cul-de-sac construction continues, with earthmover and materials assembling.

Bill Harlan has initiated the use of Zoom, an internet video communication technology, for our UU Wednesday Night Discussion Group. It worked, with about 10 people joining to talk about the situation. It was community, and there was laughter and sharing. Applause to Bill for his initiative. If you want to join for the next Wednesday Night Discussion Group, please contact Bill Harlan by email or by phone or text at 605.390.0590.

This past Wednesday 10 of us joined for our first Zoom videoconference of a Wednesday Night Discussion Group.