Whittaker Locke on “Difficult Conversations”

Whittaker Locke, our Fellowship’s accompanist, will present a program about the value of having those difficult conversations we tend to avoid. You watch this  service on  our UUFC YouTube Channel.We first met Whittaker Locke when he agreed to be a backup accompanist for the Fellowship, and he fit right in. In fact, when he wasn’t playing, he sang tenor with the UU Singers. This year he accepted the job as our regular accompanist. We’re lucky to have him. Whittaker teaches music in the Muscogoo County School System. He also is an assistant conductor with the Columbus Community Orchestrata, and he has performed and conducted throughout Georgia, most recently with the Atlanta Philharmonic Orchestra.

In short, Whittaker is an accomplished musician. He’s also become a good friend, and he joined us as an official member of the Fellowship a a couple weeks ago.

You’ll find this pre-recorded service on our YouTube Channel. The July 5 service also will be on YouTube. We plan to return to in-person services on Sunday, July 12, but we’ll continue to record services and post them on YouTube those who aren’t ready to return to Grace Fellowship Hall.