Speaker: Connie Ussery

The UU Flower Ceremony

We celebrate life on our planet this Sunday, and especially renewal and springtime, with a traditional Unitarian Universalist ceremony. Rev. Norbert Capek, who founded the Unitarian ministry in Czechoslovakia, created the ceremony with his wife, Rev. Maja Capek. She escaped arrest by the Nazis and … read more.

Connie Ussery: “Decisions and the Principles That Guide Them”

Fellowship President Connie Ussery is a frequent service leader and often a Sunday speaker. Most recently she talked aboutrevisions coming to how Unitarian Universalism is changing the way this progressive religion expresses its principles, values and commitments.

Fellowship member Brandy Brewer, originally scheduled to speak this … read more.

Connie Ussery on refreshing our UU principles

Unitarian Universalists share commitments to human rights and care for the planet. We don’t share an immutable creed. Rather, we agree to support a set of principles, which the international Unitarian Universalist Association reviews every 15 years or so. That’s what’s happening now. Fellowship member … read more.

Connie Ussery: “Coexist in the Season of Love”

Educator, world traveler, community organizer and long-time Fellowship member Connie Ussery presents our talk this Sunday, and her spouse, Ron Ussery, leads the service. Whittaker Locke provides music.

Ron and Connie Ussery “Strut the Hooch”

We are meeting in person Sundays at 11 a.m., with … read more.

Connie Ussery leads the Flower Ceremony

The Unitarian Universalist Flower Ceremony is sometimes referred to as the Flower Communion or the Flower Festival. “We remember people through flowers, volunteer service leader Connie Ussery says.

Norbert Capek, a Unitarian minister in Prague, Czechoslovakia, created the ritual in 1923. His wife, the Rev. Maya Capek, … read more.