Rick Spradlin

Rick Spradlin on “Easter: Light of Life”

Easter is an interesting celebration for Unitarian Universalists. Unitarianism, after all, was founded on the idea that there is one God, not a trinity, which complicates the Easter story. Our religion has since evolved to include wisdom from many traditions…


Rick Spradlin on “Universalist Theology”

Unitarians and Universalists, two traditionally liberal religions, combined in 1961 into Unitarian Universalists, or “UU” for short. Our lay leader, Rick Spradlin will talk about what Universalists in particular brought to  that union.


Rick Spradlin on “The Light Within”

When facing dark times, it helps to remember we all have a light within. Fellowship member Rick Spradlin will talk about finding that light. This Sunday also is our First Sunday Hot-Dish Lunch—a monthly event. If you’re a visitor, just…