UU pandemic adaptations

When Ellen Harlan (not pictured) needed sewing supplies, David Rush had what she needed. When she arrived at his home to pick them up, a masked David delivered them at the end of a pole. And not a mere 10-foot pole. We’re guessing it’s 12 to 14 feet. Way to save lives, David.

The UU Bicycle Club observed more than 6 feet of social distancing in this photo. They also observe recommended bicycle spacing on the road. (Full disclosure, there is one Episcopalian in this photo.)

Stefan Bloodworth, who recently spoke to our Fellowship via YouTube, had some time on his hands. Here’s how he described what he did:

“Had a pile of random bits and pieces left over from building our deck and scraps of old barn wood in the shed…..didn’t want them to go to the landfill, then got a crazy idea to patch them all together and build a Frankenstein version of a picnic table. “Got obsessed, grabbed the drill, and voila!”

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