UUFC President’s Letter: New Opening Date July 12

UUFC President’s Letter # 9: Reopening, Pavilion upgrades and more

Greetings again.  I sincerely hope that you are all well, physically, mentally and emotionally during this time of discord, disease and stress. We are in a vortex of political turmoil, social strife, economic hardship and a health crisis. With everything flying around us, it is difficult to see progress, but it is there. Part of this storm is righting the societal  wrongs and moving our nation in a more just and equitable direction. Within this maelstrom, we can see the values in our Seven Principles and how they can guide us. Our hearts go out to the families of those who have died as a result of systemic racism; our support goes to those protestors who are peacefully urging change to right the obvious and subtle wrongs; our empathy goes to those owners and employees who have lost so much due to the looting and destruction, and our sympathy goes to those who have suffered from COVID-19. 

Opening Date Changed to Sunday, July 12

On Wednesday, May 3, the UU Board of Trustees met at Grace Fellowship Hall to decide whether we would open on June 14, as tentatively planned. The Board decided that we would wait for a few more weeks and open for the Sunday Service on July 12. This service will also be provided on YouTube for those who feel more comfortable watching at home.

The Board crafted a meticulous plan on how to safely open, conduct the service, close the Fellowship Hall and then clean the facility. We have signs to assist everyone who attends.

For the safety of all:

  • Anyone with a fever, cough, or who is feeling unwell at all should remain at home.
  • Wearing a mask is the ticket for admission.
  • Seating has been arranged for the necessary social distancing of six feet.
  • Though singing is not advised at this time, we will still enjoy piano music.

Work on the Pavilion

Applause for Lisa Pyburn, who continues to beautify the Pavilion and the area around it. In a near jungle setting, she has been cutting hanging limbs and pulling out fallen logs in order to clear a view of our beautiful Heiferhorn Stream from the Pavilion.  

Donating made easy

For those wanting to donate to the Fellowship, the best way for the Fellowship is by automatic bank draft. Next would be by check mailed to P.O. Box 698, Fortson, GA. 31808.  The last method—because it costs the Fellowship a service fee but is useful for those not using checks—is PayPal. Log in to your PayPal account and send the donation to uufcga@gmail.com. Soliciting for donations is a bit awkward to me, but as the President of the Fellowship, I know how much it takes to keep the Fellowship operating. We still have to pay utilities, our UUA dues, general administration, and insurance.   

Useful Sunday Service videos

On Sunday, May 31, Erika Bloodworth walked us through a mindfulness class. If you didn’t see it and are stressed, this is the YouTube for you. Watch and follow along, and you will feel much better afterwards. Thank you Erika! Find that service on our YouTube channel

On Sunday, June 7th, Joanie Andras, a Buddhist nun with a PhD in the Psychology of Meditation, presented “Learning from Fear and Anxiety.” Again, this helpful presentation for stressful times is available on YouTube.

A Zoroastrian prayer

I’d like to share a Zoroastrian prayer I first read while I was stationed in Vietnam. Besides the Lord’s Prayer, it is the only prayer I know, and I think it fits the times:

“We worship this earth, we worship those heavens: we worship those good things which stand between the earth and the heavens and that are worthy of sacrifice and prayer, and are to be worshipped by the faithful man.  We worship the souls of the wild beasts and the tame. We worship the souls of the holy men and women, born at any time, whose consciences struggle, or will struggle, or have struggled, for the good.”

I urge you to think positive thoughts or say a prayer for all those out there during these tumultuous times who are struggling for the good.

In fellowship,

Hal Midgette
UUFC President